Perfected over 20 years, our signature service can handle any size property and be specifically tailored to fit your budget and needs.  


Weekly Lawntending

We manicure your lawn to make sure that you can show it off with great pride. When you sign up for our Lawn Tending Service, you can be sure that our professional staff will care for your property just like it is their own. Having key attention to detail is very important to making your landscape as beautiful as possible. 

Our crews show up, at the same time each week, to perform our signature service at your property:

  • Walk through of the property to remove any branches, limbs, or debris.
  • Careful mowing of all grass.
  • Line trimming the edges of all beds, around trees and objects, and hard surfaces.
  • Removal of any weeds from the beds.
  • Blow off of the entire property.


tree and shrub maintenance

Having stunning curb appeal is something that requires constant care and attention. Our team of experts can make sure that your trees and shrubs are properly maintained, increasing your curb appeal, while also ensuring proper shrub health.

Our crews have been trained in the proper pruning techniques, set by industry standards. When we show up ay your property for service, we efficiently service your shrubs or trees, and then cleanup any clippings or debris.


spring and fall cleanups

Spring is in the air. It's warm out, the sun is shining, and landscapes are starting to flourish. Our crews will come out to your property and ensure that all spring maintenance is taken care of. Cleaning up any late-falling Pin Oak leaves, edging beds, or cleaning up any weeds in the beds, our crew will get your property ready for the growing season.

When fall rolls around, you have a mess on your hands. All the trees are dropping their leaves like it's the cool thing to do. We can offer you a proper cleanup service to "winterize" your property. Our crews will remove all leaves and debris, cleaning your property with expert precision. Commercial back pack leaf blowers, giant leaf removal vacuums, and trained team members will get your property clean in an efficient and cost effective manner.



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