If you've caught one of our trucks or trailers on the road, you may have noticed our mascot, Murph. He's a crazy purple beaver with an eye for great landscaping!


Murph's story

It all started one rainy day at the Stockman Lawnscape headquarters in Plum. There was no work to be done outside that day because of the weather. While maintenance on some the equipment was being performed, we noticed that the creek outside of the shop was starting to get dangerously high. Fearing the building was in danger, we braved the elements and ventured down by the high waters. After looking up and down the creek, we noticed a giant blockage at the widest part. As we got closer, we realized it was a dam of some sort. But this was no ordinary dam...this dam was special.

As we slowly approached, we could start to see something that we couldn't believe. Something purple was hanging around the dam! Initially we were startled and didn't know what to do. But then, the figure emerged and it was a purple beaver! We backed up slowly when he popped up and started talking to us! His name is Murph. Our jaws hit the ground. We then invited him into the shop to talk out of the rain.

Once inside, we explained to him that he was blocking the flow of the creek and putting our equipment in jeopardy. He understood and agreed to move his home elsewhere. We started making small talk (with a Beaver!) and got on the topic of landscaping. It was obvious from the start that he was very passionate about the subject. He talked about well manicured lawns and mulch beds that he has seen in his travels, and how impressive and noticeable they were. Then, he decided to share some secrets that he has learned throughout his travels. Instantly, we asked Murph to be apart of our team. He was ecstatic and couldn't wait to contribute. 

We hold the many secrets that Murph has taught us very close. They are what separates us from the competition on a daily basis. He did however want to make one thing known...his landscape law to live by. We think you should live by it too!

Murph's law

"When landscape maintenance is needed; you should demand quality, detail, and experience for expectations to be exceeded."